Jim’s long journey from a twenty-something singing and acting in Broadway rock musicals to a solo concert performer has created a unique artist who is a passionate singer, masterful song writer and an articulate acoustic guitarist and pianist. Some singers play. Some players sing. Some songwriters do a little of each. Jim does all three in the extreme.

Jim has one music CD currently available and another in the works. He is available for performances. To schedule a concert or have him perform at your event contact him at jim@farrellworks.com.
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Fallen Angels

“Fallen Angels” is Jim’s first CD.  Each of the 15 original songs is a jewel! You will enjoy listening to songs like the inspiring and beautiful “Power of a Dream”; the witty “It Ain’t Easy Bein’ God”; and the popular “Waiting for Alana”. Each song is an example of Jim’s extraordinary gift for marrying lyric and melody.  Available now on itunes, Amazon.com and CD Baby.

Power of a Dream - Fallen Angels Power of a Dream

Like a River - Fallen Angels Like a River

The Only Thing I'd Change - Fallen Angels The Only Thing I’d Change

Finally Home - Fallen Angels Finally Home

Hawaii - Fallen Angels Hawaii

It Ain't Easy Bein God - Fallen Angels It Ain’t Easy Being God

Winterbird - Fallen Angels Winter Bird

Fallen Angels - Fallen Angels Fallen Angels

Waiting for Alana - Fallen Angels Waiting for Alana

After the Hurricaine - Fallen Angels After the Hurricane

If You're Not Here - Fallen Angels If You’re Not Here

Hollywod Moon - Fallen Angels Hollywood Moon

Las Vegas - Fallen Angels Las Vegas

50/50 - Fallen Angels 50/50

Mickey and Faye - Fallen Angels Mickey & Faye

Fallen Angels - Jim Farrell